Sajjan Precision Casting

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Sajjan Precision Castings
404, Gill Road
Miller Ganj
Ludhiana -141003
Punjab, India
Contact: Mr. Frederik Nolde

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North Germany

Mr. Frederik Nolde

Ms. Alexandra Nolde

South Germany

Mr. Jens Baumann

Mr. Rizwan Shahad

Sajjan Precision Castings

SAJJAN is a pioneer in the production of Heat-Resistant Steel and Stainless Steel castings. Sajjan was established in 1935 and the Sajjan Group has grown into a 450 plus employee’s strong team and with customers in nearly 30 countries.

Sajjan provides among other products a wide range of standard and customized state of the art fixtures for heat treatment. Standard fixtures are products like radiation tubes, baskets, base trays, intermediate trays, travers, hangers, posters and more. Customized fixtures are mainly used for medium and large scale production and adapted to the actual parts. 

Sajjan design team have a high experience in optimizing fixtures for the highest load, right support of parts, best gas/oil flow through the charge and the best performance for both manual and robotic handling. We work together with the customer to find the right solution for the actual project.
All standard and customized fixtures can be delivered in Light Weight versions with high performance and weight saving from 15% to 25% that allows to optimize charges fully for both capacity and handling.

4th Generation Fixtures
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